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A Lash A Month

A Lash A Month is perfect for the lash shopper who has the hardest time deciding which lash style to pick! Each month you will receive a beautiful 3D Mink Lash to add to your collection, and we will have done the selecting for you! With this option, you will receive on of the 3 new exclusive styles for each month. This is the perfect way to add to your collection, and still have time to enjoy the lashes you already have in your makeup kit.! *Subscription Exclusives*

Double Up

If you need more than one new lash option a month, then this is the move for you. With this box you will receive two 3D Mink Lash styles each month to add to your collection, and your makeup looks! You may get a more casual lash along with a more dramatic lash option, or you could get something dainty along with a style full of drama....the possibilities are epic!


This LashBox will arrive at your mailbox loaded with three 3D Mink Lash styles for you to play with. This would give you variety in the styles that you receive each month. You will receive all 3 exclusive styles for each month you choose to renew. This is perfect for the lash collector or the lash FANATIC!